So when I’m not in the outdoors having fun I work as a Physiotherapist based in the Lake District. I have spent many years specialising in Critical care medicine and in head and neck surgery but due to pressures and that constant reminder that life is too short I took the plunge and completely changed my work direction. I decided it was time for a new challenge and started working in Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal outpatients within the NHS. For a few years I loved the direction I was going in but still felt I was missing something.

To the shock of most of those around me, I left my job and moved to the Lake District. I completed a MSc in Advanced Physiotherapy where I was able to complete some research on fell running injuries and started working in the world of sport. I loved the flexibility it gave me and most of all, I spent most days with like minded runners of all abilities and outdoor enthusiasts. Mid 2021 I decided to further my knowledge and skills by taking up a lecturing post at the University of Central Lancashire and working privately in my own time. I hope to inspire and enthuse the next generation of Physiotherapists.

Over the years as a sporting enthusiast I have experienced my fair share of niggles and  injuries and feel I have an in-depth and personal insight in to life as an athlete injured and what that means to us. As a result of this personal relationship with running I strive to find the most recent research findings about injury management and prevention to ensure I can be the best Physio I can be. I still have a lot to learn but this is what makes being a Physiotherapist an amazing career as things are always changing and research is always progressing our understanding and knowledge.

I created this blog to share sporting adventures, to provide some evidenced based information for others and, to offer a Physiotherapy service. I hope you find it informative and helpful and if you require any further information please see my home page for contact details.

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  1. Cat – I’d like to send you a free sample of our Catskills Comfrey Original ointment: coconut and Greek olive oils as the ‘base’, a bit of beeswax for consistency and a heavy infusion of comfrey we grow on our small farm.
    You mentioned comfrey oil but the complete infusion of the dried comfrey into the oils is far more effective when applied right to the knee or inflamed joint. Yes, it’s called knitbone because it does just that … along with myriad other benefits for skincare.
    Comfrey contains allantoin, a cell-proliferant, which encourages cell-growth. Many skin conditions simply require new cells, bones included, to mend. Comfrey facilitates this process.
    And check out our newest product, Catskills Comfrey ~ CBD: comfrey, arnica and CBD oil. The CBD is full-spectrum from a CBD-dominant hemp grown in NY state.
    If you do nothing else from this email, read the top-most Testimonial on the website from a gentleman who has joint and back pain as a symptom of his Parkinson’s Disease. He achieved relief first from the Original ointment (just comfrey) – and was excited enough about that result to call me. When he began applying the CBD ointment, which included the comfrey, his pain level dropped from an 8 down to a 3-4. That is significant.
    You should know more about comfrey. Send me your address for a free sample.
    Seth J Hersh
    creator, Catskills Comfrey ointments


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