Seal Skinz Winter socks


As you can tell….used well!!
Following the Tour de Helvellyn and some Bob Graham training runs I felt I have given these socks a real good test to see how they hold up against the elements. They have been soaked for 10 hours during TdH and have been subject to lots of snow. The result….awesome! Admittedly they feel a little strange to put on and you have to be careful to tuck them under running leggings when it is raining to prevent the water just draining in to them and filling up but, they worked amazingly well. My feet on both counts stayed warm and dry and they seemed to help against blisters but I guess this is because they kept my feet so dry. 

Conclusion : Highly recommend them for wet, cold runs in the fells.

Tips: Do not tumble dry….the lining comes away and they stick together…not ideal!!

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