Salomon S-Lab Speed Shoe

Previously I have written a kit review about some Salomon Fell Raises I purchased and had to have some new ones due to the soles of my first ones coming off after running the Hellvelyn Ultra. I was hoping I had just been unlucky needing some replacements but unfortunately following the Wadsworth Trog the same thing happened again. I don’t know if it was a faulty batch however I have lost all faith in the Fell Raisers now which is a real shame as from a comfort perspective they fitted like a glove. I decided therefore to change them to the new Salomon S lab Speed shoe.

I was in two  minds in the shop as to whether to go for the trusty Innovate X Talons which I had the previous year and loved so much or to try another pair of Salomons.

Decisions decisions…which shoe???

After various runs around the shop and running up and down the stairs in both I came to a bit of a standstill with my decision as I really did like them both a lot. There wasn’t much in it from a fit perspective, both fitted really well and felt comfortable enough and the grips on both were very similar, but what finally persuaded me to go with the S Lab is the feedback so far from others and the advice from the shop (Kongs Adventures). Feedback suggests that they last a bit longer than the X Talons and I do remember thinking my X Talons only lasted approximately 6 months before they started to fall apart, they offer good grip and are really comfortable. One important aspect too is that they are tested on the British fells which is where I do most of my running making me more confident in their ability to perform when I need them too!

‘Speed Shoe’ – Drawn in by the name…I have high expectations!!

So far they have been again really good, comfortable and they seem to have a much firmer base which makes me hopeful they will be great for pursuing a Bob Graham and the Lake District Sky Race  potentially later this year all being well with injuries and training. Admittingly I have been unable to test them on some longer routes due to injury therefore I will feedback when I can. It has been a frustrating time trying to get the right shoe that will last me as I need to break the shoes in ready for some ultra action!!

I would like to thank the staff at Kongs Adventures in Keswick where I purchased these shoes as they have been really helpful. I would recommend this shop to anyone wanting some good advice as they are very knowledgeable with lots of personal experience in their products.

Kilian Jornet wearing them at a recent talk at Theatre By the Lake in Keswick (link below) following the Salomon Advanced training week….this gives me great confidence in this shoe if he is wearing them!

Theatre By the Lake

If you have tried this shoe what are your thoughts?


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