Marathon Playlist

This Playlist has been kindly sent to me from Nicky Mason, my boyfriends brother. He was asked to put something together for his friends who were about to embark on their first ever marathon! Personally, I think its awesome.


Feedback from the runner who ran a 4 hour and 2 minute marathon, an amazing achievement for a first attempt:

‘There was a definite high point in the first half (of the run) when The Village People came on!’

‘(I) was very distressed when it abruptly came to a halt at about mile 19, just when I started to need it!’

Perhaps if you are going to use this playlist it may need tailoring to how long you think the marathon may take you, I guess this is difficult when you haven’t ran one before.

‘Low point of the playlist was the unbelievably long instrumental in Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a Hero…’

If anyone else has any playlists they would like to share to help others get motivated when running, send them to me via the blog and I can get them on here. Nothing like a good tune to get you going :).

The featured image is of a band I love to see live called Vintage Trouble. If I had an ounce of their energy I would be on fire ha ha!





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  1. What a Perfect Playlist to motivate yourself ! Thanks for share


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