Being a Runner in Isolation

As a Physiotherapist observing the world right now I have decided to write down some thoughts with regards to the life of a runner during these times of restriction. The uncertainty of when these restrictions will lift and when races will resume are all questions no one has exact answers for but, regardless of this,Continue reading “Being a Runner in Isolation”

The Marathon – The First Time…

Running a marathon is a daunting affair and I am always intrigued as to what initially draws people to it and, whether like me, they get hooked. My first marathon was Manchester back in 2012 and it was an ‘interesting’ experience. I never wanted to run a marathon but was coaxed in to by myContinue reading “The Marathon – The First Time…”

Fashion on the Fells…

I’ve been wanting to discuss this for a while as I’m finding as time goes by more and more outdoor companies are slowly changing their outdoor gear in to more ‘fashionable’ wear, but my question is, in doing so are they sacrificing quality? Running for me has always been about the running, about feeling freeContinue reading “Fashion on the Fells…”

The importance of rest…

For many years the concept of resting has been alien to me. Surely more running and more training means fitter and faster doesn’t it? If you run all the time, you get faster? The straight forward answer to this is no, not at all and unfortunately this is something I have had to learn the hardContinue reading “The importance of rest…”

To drink or not to drink?

After many years of running I think I have finally got a good understanding of what my body needs in terms of hydration. I still get it wrong some times but generally I know what I need and when. Its a difficult one this as everyone is different and will have varied requirements and the only way to get thisContinue reading “To drink or not to drink?”